How to: Remove the 100 free books from Kobo eReader

My Mom got the Kobo eReader (Wireless) device two years ago for Christmas, and while she really enjoyed it, there were just too many books on it to find the recent ones that she purchased. I was recently given the device to try to find a way to remove the old books and if possible, add (import) new ones

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How to: Install DOSBox in Ubuntu 11.10

Some of us Linux users still remember the wonderful games that we used to run under DOS.  For me the two games that really stand out are Syndicate and X-Com. I found that if I wanted to enjoy these games again, you can buy them (and many other games) from Direct2Drive or GOG, but then you have to use either WINE or a DOS emulator to run them. You can try WINE first, but I found that using DOSBox is by far the best way to run DOS programs.  I found DOSBox very easy to setup and wanted to share how I was able to set it up.

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