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Hot new Splice movie posters

I think that a lot of people agree that Splice looks like a pretty  interesting movie.  Who wouldn’t be interested in a human/something hybrid?  If you haven’t seen the trailer I suggest that you check  out the trailer below.  These three posters look great, one is in German, while the other two are in English.  The creature’s name is Dren, which one of the trailers points out is “nerd” backwards.  Splice is out June 4th, 2010, oh and yes, those are hands for her feet…

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You know what I hate?

So now I did it… Oh boy, I finally did something that I can’t just walk away from!!

For those not in the know, Joyce and I have been looking for a new place.  Since Joyce got a new job in Scarbrough it was only fair to find a spot in the middle of Scarbrough and Mississauga.  Over the last few weeks we’ve  put in a few offers on some places that we liked, but luckily they didn’t go through. We found a great Condo in Toronto off of Bayview that fit our list of things that the place had to have:

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