Busy Busy!

Busy packing and getting ready for the move.  Only 7 days to go until the movers come and take our stuff to the new place.  My Dad pointed out that there is one thing that may put a damper on the move…

That thing happens to be called a G20 summit.  Its June 26-27  2010, so with all the dignitaries and special people coming in a week or so early we might be stuck in traffic with the movers.  That may mean over time for them.  Good for them, bad for us.

I had to talk our current building Manager from coming in on the day before our move and replace our old tub and tiles.  I had to explain that 1) We would have tons of stuff piled up in the living room 2) It would add lots of stress onto us just before a already stressful move and 3) We would like to be able to use our shower before we have to leave.  They were great and understood my reasons and moved it to the Monday after we leave.  Of course we’ll be back to clean and get anything small, but its better for everyone this way.