Saints Row – Tagging: Tips & Info

For those not in the know, Saints Row was released in 2006, and is a open world game very similar to GTA4.  There are different ways to get respect from your gang to unlock new missions, and when I was playing through the game I found a way to earn respect that first confused, and then angered me!

No matter how much I tried and fought the game, I just could not figure out how to do the tagging (Spray Painting) missions in Saints Row for the 360.  I searched the manual to no avail.  I found the following hidden in a forum post deep on a small page deep in the Internet.

Props go out to JAy3k1 who posted the following on the 360 HQ forums.

Tag Tips & Info

* Tags are activated by walking up to some graffiti that has a Spray Can icon in front of them. Once activated via the ‘Y’ button you have a limited time to get the Tag complete before all hell breaks lose.

When in a friendly area you can take as long as you like, but if you in a rivals area, the longer you take or the more times to screw up the quicker the wanted level for that group goes up.

Anything over 2 stars means a drive by is on its way, 3 stars and you better hope you have some homies with you.

* How to tag:- Once your in tag mode 4 options appear on the screen IE X, Y Rollstick left, B.

You have to hit these buttons in the correct order, simple ah? Not quite, when the stick options appear you cannot just hit all the buttons one after another you need to pause.

So in the above example you would press X, Y quickly, but then watch your character and wait for him to stop spraying and then Rollstick left followed quickly by the B button to complete the tag.

* Hard tags:- I’ve found several tags in Saints’ that give you no button combinations at all. These are dead simple to do, once active just quickly press the ‘A’ button repeatedly and the tags done.

* How to exit tags:- If things goes bad for you and your being shot at quickly press Down on the D-Pad twice to exit the tag.

And finally the best way to take tags is to control the area first and that way no heat comes your way.