Check the O.R.

This tunes from Organized Rhyme gets stuck in my head every time I see/hear the name Tom Green.  I prefer Tom Green here rather then his late night show before and after he tried to make it big in Hollywood.  Its a lovely song from a Canadian group based in Ottawa from back in the early 1990’s.  Enjoy the video!


Check it out

Check the O.R., you like it so far?
Check the O.R., you like it so far?
Check the O.R., you like it so far?
Check the O.R., you love the O.R.

Here we go, ready to set it off
From coast to coast, it’s the most and it hits rough
Organized Rhyme’s here to start it up
You got some trouble with your mouth you’d better shut it up
Think twice before you act and try to tackle the funky stuff
I take you suckers out like meat on a shish kebab
And you don’t know it, but your girl’s doin’ kiss-and-rob
And you’re the one who wants the corn, but you missed the cob
So here’s a bit of something new:
Gimmie a toot, and salute, and I’ll give you my boots
We’re your need, and while I’m playing the thespian
I got a ride and you’re just a pedestrian
I grab a horse and I jump like equestrian
I talk smooth like Lando Calrissian
Deal with the leader of the convoy
Make some noise for the boys as we rip points
Move your joints in a motion if you can keep up
If you can’t, here’s a hanky to clean your weep up
Poetics I drop, then no time for coincidence
Check the O.R.

(Chorus x2)

Check the O.R., you like it so far?
Smack your back – Can you deal with a deep scar?
I will test ya from the west of ya
Now ya know that I’m better than the best of ya
I remove you quicker than a Band-Aid
Paid backstage and I’m gone like a renegade
And I don’t delay, want the replay?
Like Sinatra, got ya my way
I feel lowly so I lay low
Never lonely now that I clock dough
Flippin’ women over like a pancake
And I will make mistakes in a heartbreak
Recieve honours, make you goners
Break the deuce like Jimmy Connors
I’m not a phony, preaching testimony
Send you down to the bank for the alimony
I make light of everyday establishment
With content sticking like Poli-dent
But I pay my dues
I lay more chicks than Mother Goose
Pass the O.J., ’cause I got juice
Break the silence, and make the truce
So yes yes, y’all – And you don’t stop
To the beat, y’all – And you don’t dare stop
To the hip, hop, hibby, hibby-dibby hip-hip-hop and you don’t dare go off
Go off like a canon, you’re a copier
Much sloppier so I’m gonna’ drop ya
You got a demo? Well I guess I’m gonna’ shop ya
Take a risk, like a disk you’re floppier
Uplifted ’cause I’m gifted
Tough like algebra, but I’m twisted
You mistfit, meet the better man
Gonna’ razz you just like Letterman
Hip-hop, not a weasel goin’ pop
You don’t stop
Check the O.R.

(Chorus x2)

Back at last to compose the next swift rap
Broom in my pocket so I don’t need a hip pack
Hip-hop tactics is what I be practicin’
I don’t act, I see heads and I crack ’em
Only if they need it. I’m really a nice guy
Still, I got a temp’, but to the ladies I talk fly
Makin’ ’em smile for a while when I begin
(Pin the chameleon) Comp’nies, here I am
Headin’ the right way and I won’t stop this
I’m knowin’ the time, but I don’t wear a pop Swatch
Play MCs when I jump like in hopscotch
Climbed the ranks, so consider me top-notch
Take control of your system when I’m in it
You wanna’ get with this? I hit with persistence
Swing, the countdown, 1-2-3-4
Smooth it out, now check the O.R.

(Chorus x6)